WE did it! The Brown Paper Fair was more than a success, it was a definitive show of community within a museum that prioritizes the concerns of young artists and provides space for nurturing emerging talents. The fair came and provided such a fueled start to this Black History month we're currently celebrating as well as providing space for all PoC to center and share our art, our efforts. We hosted this fair to center Black and PoC artists within the print and self publishing world, The word community cannot be emphasized enough.

The tremendous turnout showed that more efforts to include artists of color within the mainstream fair environment should exist. As well, we are so psyched to participate in many more events like the Brown Paper Fair. Sometimes to accelerate change we must be specific in what resources and platforms are being held out of reach and find ways to organize around that. 

Thank you to the amazing work of MoCADA Museum's Exhibitions Coordinator, Elliott Jerome Brown Jr and Joy Davis for their organizing prowess and continued support throughout the fair. Thank you to all the tablers and event participants for your commitment to artistic excellence, community interrogation and healing. Up next, BALTIMORE & a partnership with Bmore KAHLON; The Agency. More details to come. 

Would you like to participate in future iterations of the Brown Paper Zine & Small Press Fair? Send us an email at 3dotzine@gmail.com

The Brown Paper Zine and Small Press Fair for Black and PoC Artists was created to provide a space where the creative efforts of Black and PoC artists working in print mediums could be exposed and proliferated. The fair is organized by 3 Dot Zine as part of programming for Diagram of the Heart by Glenna Gordon, which is currently on view in MoCADA's Extended Gallery through February 26th. The exhibition documents a community of self-published female authors in Northern Nigeria whose paperback novels depict scenes that both challenge and reinforce the roles of women in conservative Islamic society.

As apart of the fair we planned 5 free programs that energized the spirit of community, highlighted text based work and centralized zine making and reading. See below the programs available at the first Brown Paper Zine and Small Press Fair. 


1-3:30pm: Women's Healing Space (Writing Workshop)
5-7pm: Screening of #BlackGirlLit: Between Performance, Literature, & Memory

More information on each program below!

Women's Healing Space
Saturday, January 28, 1-3:30pm

Facilitated by Giselle Buchannan, Aja Monet, and Meghann Plunkett, the Women's Healing Space is a writing workshop that intends to create a safe and communal environment for women to write, create, and heal. "We will read the heart healing works of women who were at the forefronts of their own movements, and we will find comfort in our own collective voices. We will give language to all that plagues us and give the burden of trauma we have been carrying alone a place to be released. We incorporate movement and sound in addition to the written word to serve as a holistic and uplifting experience for all involved." - Giselle Buchannan

Space is limited to 20 woman-identifying participants. RSVP required.

Screening of #BlackGirlLit: Between Performance, Literature & Memory, and Q&A with the artists
Saturday, January 28, 5-7pm

Riffing off the hashtag anthem #BlackGirlMagic, coined by fashion designer & blogger Auntie Peebz, and the double meaning of the term “lit” - (‘to turn up' or short-hand for ‘literature’), the #BlackGirlLit documentary features performance art work that pivots off of the written and oral traditions of both American and trans-nationalist black feminist/womanist frameworks.

#BlackGirlLit asks:

How is black performance art related to the tradition of black feminist/womanist oral and literary traditions?

How do black bodies perform “blackness”, "black woman-ness" and/or "black girlhood"?

To what extent do black feminist/womanist written and oral traditions define, constrain, animate, inspire or liberate the work of black performance artists?

These questions as well as many others raise inherent questions regarding the "legibility" of black performance art in all of its guises. As such, the group's artistic practices, as well as their collective cis/trans/queer subjectivities, grapple with and against representations of language, blackness, gender, and performativity to connect the echoes from the past to new narratives of the present.Following the screening there will be a Q&A with artists from the collective, including Marcelline Mandeng, yana Evans, Dell Hamilton.


12-1:45pm: InDesign Zine Workshop
2:30-4pm: Social Sunday - Black Ink Zine Panel
4:30-6pm: Reading Room

More information on each program is below!

InDesign Zine Workshop
Sunday, January 29, 12-1:45pm

Khari Johnson-Ricks and Samer Frouad will discuss the process they used to make “Yutha Assata,” a zine they made together last Spring. They will go over the basics of Adobe InDesign, the creative process and thought experiments used to create a sequential body of work, and their personal self-publishing and zine-making practices.

Attendees to the workshop are encouraged to bring their own zine projects or materials they are currently working with for discussion. 

Social Sunday: Black Ink Zine Panel
Sunday, January 29, 2:30-4pm

Social Sunday is a salon style gathering and conversation series where invited guests discuss current political, personal, and social affairs. As such, Social Sunday: Black Ink Zine Panel will consider the different ways independent publishing materializes. Together invited panelists represent traditional avenues of publishing and some have the true renegade spirit of zine making as they occupy many roles as a self publishers, artists, and professionals. Moderated by Kimberly Drew, panelists include:

Barbara Calderón
Paul John
Christina Long
Devin N. Morris
PJ Gubatina Policarpio

Reading Room
Sunday, January 29, 4:30-6pm

For the final program of the Brown Paper Zine & Small Press Fair, please join us in the basement for readings by:

Destiny Be
Rickey Laurentiis
Taina Manigat
Freddy Martinez
Precious Okoyomon